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Rip old thread.


Much obliged.

Continuing the discussion about CoD WW2 last thread; not showing the swastika is just dead retarded.

I don’t understand why there’s such an aversion to use a real-life symbol for a real-life power that used it and featured it prominently on fucking everything from weapons, to vehicles, to uniforms, to banners, etc.

Having the actual fucking Nazis display the swastika in a World War 2 video game that features them doesn’t make you a neo-Nazi.

Not to mention previous CoD titles had them display the swastika. World at War did it, Black Ops 1 and 2 did it, so why can’t this game do it?


Y’know, I wouldn’t mind female soldiers if the French and Polish resistance were a playable faction, and the female soldiers were exclusive to both factions only

Well, it’s perfect proof of pandering at it’s best.
I guess one excuse they’ll bring up is “we need to include the German players too because of dem wacky laws don’t allow swastikas.”

I love the song title theme for the thread, but I feel like we need a vietnam-style action pic for this thread.

The music wants me to do something like that.

Hmm, how about a small competition to spice things up?

You’re tingling my senses, go on…

Did someone say Vietnam and action

Btw, Treyarch saved NSDAP insignia (not sure about) on Honor Guard zombies in new DLC

So I’ve given it a little extra thought, since we have also received new Vietnam models in the past weeks, it really is time for a Vietnam contest.

  • The picture must be related to the Vietnam War. Combat, protests, aftermath, etc., that’s up to the author
  • The picture must be made in Garry’s Mod, or SFM
  • Only new pictures are accepted.
  • Pictures can be inspired by real life media. In this case, the original source must be linked
  • All submissions will be posted in a separate thread, dedicated exclusively to the contest
  • All participants can only submit one entry. Anyone can change their submission until the final entry day, as long as it meets all of the requirements
  • The thread will receive submissions for ten days. A public votation will be held for another three days.
  • There will be only one winner. The prize is a ten-dollars Steam game. If regional restrictions apply, items worth the same amount will be traded, instead

Anyone up for this? Any extra ideas anyone would like to add?

You know, there was legit an African dude and a half-Native American guy fighting in the Warsaw Uprising, so there’s the muh diversity.

rip v10, the thread that had those glorious shitposts by Torchwood

Exactly, I wouldn’t have minded black or female or both characters where they would make sense. In the MP trailer you see all white germans, black soldiers in the US infantry and female resistance fighters in the French faction. I wouldn’t have been disappointed if the real MP was like this instead of the feel-good system they put instead.

Just like having women in the Russian faction in BF1

Yeah they didn’t do fuck all imo in WW1 but at least they’re sticking to where they actually were

since they’re using made up divisions as some sort of change to the create-a-class system they could’ve easily had a division be a black division when it comes to the US.

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like Black-American infantrymen saw a lot of action in WW2, it’s just they were segregated. same with Japanese-American soldiers actually.

Yeah but that’s not progressive enough, there must be women in the Airborne too !

A lot of that has to do with if you’ve played COD4r the appearance customisation system I imagine they are going to be using; The head you pick will be the same head irregardless of what team you play on.

They were too lazy to implement a system ala Rising Storm 2.