Screenshot Section Chat Thread V11 - Last Minute Edition

cinematography PORN

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Am I late to the californian club?

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Yes, very late. CK and I are burnt, you’re next.

RIP toasterboys.

evil within 2 is a good video game

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F/GO NA has begun its first Halloween event

Boy, sure is a good thing I got no classes and two extra days off this week, time to grind like an animal on mating season

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I’m going to kill spookies with cupcakes

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My favorite time of Halloween is the day after when all the candy goes on sale. I can buy 3 industrial size bags of candy and get another bag free from my local grocery store.

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what is halloween

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Oh, you poor soul.

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joined a gmod server and saw a whole bunch of pictures from esp wars being used as a loading screen lmao

They probably didn’t ask permission from a single author of these pics. Was the server itself really bad?

having fun is frowned upon in Finnish culture so we don’t do none of that costume and candy stuff

Would have loved it if they only stole all the badly made pictures like my Zebraforce faction, Bob40’s Starship Troopers faction,that one faction that had Falco as it’s leader and Smugleaf’s awesome tf2 faction.

I caught eye of this from them beforehand. They’ve said they get their pics via Google search.

It was a millitary RP server, usually they are bad but this community has custom maps etc. So it was pretty fun

I talked to this server’s Admins before because they did use some of my shit in it and I did ask for it to get removed, I just wish they would at least credit people. Plus the whole “We found these through Google Images” excuse they gave me was just downright fucking stupid, at least the guys were pretty chill to talk to.

While using someone else’s content without providing credit or what not is really dumb and rude, people are going to do it anyway. Seems like the only option is to speak to the dude that’s stealing your stuff. That doesn’t help in some cases though. Some crappy bootcamp map on the workshop had a thumbnail with an image made by noofa, the uploader was immature and just brushed it off with a classic “free country bro fuck off”.

Maybe i’m just kinda stupid, but i’ve never really understood some people’s obsession with crediting. I mean, it makes sense for professional artists(i.e those who sell their stuff for a living), but if you’re not one of them then why not just allow people to use your stuff without all those obstacles?

Some of you might have noticed, but I am back. Again and I hope forever now. Got my pc back a few days back when my dad stole it for being a shitty son and shit. He returned it with words “You have worked hard lately, go take your pc back” and I had no words because I didn’t expect to see my pc ever again. My relationship with my dad is also getting better even tho I made him really mad when I failed this year at high school.

I have been through a lot of shit during the one year pause from Facepunch - depressions, break-up, kicked out of house then coming back after a few days, failing a year, more depressions, death of a best friend and that is kinda everything. I know that some of you might not be interested in this, but I just wanted to let you know what was happening during my inactivity here.

So, hello again, Facepunch. I missed you.

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