Screenshot Section Chat Thread V9: A shithouse thread for shithouse people

Thread Regulars; (And their height for some reason)

Slim Charles - 193cm
Ninja Nub - 185cm
Simkas - 190cm
RoblixWW2 - 180cm
Luxuria - 182cm
Gtanoofa - 173cm
Fredrika - 152cm
Mctbone - 180cm
Cone - 170cm
Ageha - 169cm
Fort83 - 188cm
Sebiwarrior - 176cm
Trek - 170cm
Theobod - 173cm
Viper123_swe - 178cm
T_T crai2 - FAGGOT
-Rusty- - 173cm
Dafrostisreal - 165cm
Wraithcat - 167cm
Infab -178cm
Reno360 - 179cm
Lucky9Two - 186cm
CSLeader - 177cm
T553412 -170cm
Albino - 178cm
Johau - 192cm
Xanatoast - 180cm
Taggart - 185cm
Joazzz - 181cm
Wotman - 185cm
Hauptmann -188cm
King]THT[Wrath - 187cm
The Castro - 175cm
Luminal - 159cm

Military Fags (And their rank);
Commissioned Officers:
Gtanoofa - Anthypolochagos (Second Lieutenant) (OF1) Hellenic Army IV Corps

Enlisted Men:
Rick Vice - Sersjant (OR5/E5) FSAN/FSSTS/Norwegian Army Defense medical center
Bloocobalt - Specialist (E4) US Army Finance Corps
-Rusty- - Corpsman (E3) US Navy Hospital Corps/Fleet Marine Force/2MARDIV & Specialist (E4)** US Army 1st Cavalry Division/1st Brigade Combat Team**
Taggart - Lance Corporal (OR-3/E3) - British Army/Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment
Slim Charles (Jenkins) - Private Proficient (E3) Royal Australian Infantry Corps, 2nd Dv, 13th Bde

Old Versions;



fuck, I was just making a new thread because I killed the last one.

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It was going to be called “V9: Dennis The Phantom Menace”

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Jenkins builds the best shithouses.

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aw man, you even included my Tbonian LRRP picture <3


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I think I should have a ‘SFM > Gmod’ as my avatar. What do you guys think?

Post your heights again, in centimeters this time.

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