Screenshots ;D

I’ve made some screens on Garrysmod of my ragdolls posing :slight_smile:
I show you them :
( It’s a .rar, if you haven’t WinRAR you can get it here )

I’ve made 3 links, in case of one of them is deleted

One more

I don’t trust those files. Anyway that’s not how you share photos.

For future reference, we prefer them to be uploaded to an image hosting site of some form.

No, young boy .

Since this is his first post and both his toybox and steam link don’t exist, this is probably legit and I encourage everyone to download these nondescript files

The RAR doesn’t contain any viruses according to COMODO, so I’m gonna set it to ultra safe and give it a shot.

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It’s his entire screenshots folder, folks. It’s safe.

Tell us whats in them.

Hang on. Hang on.

Nope.avi, upload them if they are just screenshots.

Okay. He’s got a picture of a gunner and an a-gunner. My friend, if they were in a fixed position like that, the gun would be mounted. He wouldn’t hold it by the trigger and carrying handle anyway.
A picture using the plaza on Bigcity. Chell walking strange, soldier holding a bottle and bat (don’t think he used no-collide), sniper plays the piano, Kleiner sitting with Lamaar, blonde lady in a bikini on the piano, some little weirdo worm things with faces, and a Minecraft avatar checking out Chell’s ass. This is followed by several closeups of aforementioned things. Oh, and Barney floating, plying the really big violin, called a bass I think. This one just needs work in general.
The concrete area in front of the brick building on Construct. Already a red flag, cause you don’t use Construct unless it fits the pose which it doesn’t in this case. It’s one DoD:S guy dragging one who’d been shot. The shot guy is in a really awkward position. He wouldn’t lift an injured man from a sitting position, but lay him down and drag him. And I’m pretty sure you can’t hold a BAR by the stock cause of the weight.
Another DOD:S themed construct pose. Allies behind what looks like it should’ve been a scenebuild and they got slaughtered. This one actually there isn’t much because it’s so simple.
More DOD:S on construct. A soldier is against the wall like he wants to be sneaky, with an M1 Carbine next to him. The pose looks weird but I can’t put my finger on it.
Very close shootout between Allies coming from sandbags, one with dual 1911s, and one with an M1 Carbine. One German with a C96, and one with a Kar. One dead on each side, one on the ground, one over the sandbags. They wouldn’t be that close in a battle, good sir. And how did the German get slumped over the sandbags?
Now it’s all (excluding the scenebuild) the previous DOD:S shots, with hedges around it, and the sneaky one is climbing a rope.
And pretty much the entire map with the DOD:S shots, including the scenebuild, and a tree, explosion, and a fortification on top of the brick building.
A German team in the fortification. One seems to be injured with a medic attending to him, another defending with an MG42.
An allied soldier dead over a line of sandbags, another with demo charges being shot off the roof.
Overhead of the Allies side of the too-close battle.
Different angle on the too close battle
^That again.
Some guy with a weird hand on construct, and LUA errors present on the side.
A flatgrass, or variant, with a build slightly in on the right side. Looks like a race track. Grigori is playing a zebra sort of pattern guitar, with a radio behind him probably to look like an amplifier. A bowl in front of him, likely for money. Two headcrabs and a crabless zombie are watching him.
Then there’s Eli on the other side of the platform, playing piano with a rebel and refugee watching him. No no-collide used.
Skeletons and a corpse in a hallway. Nothing special.
Grigori impaled on a wall, and two armed infantrymen arguing with two reskinned citizens.
Focused on one arguing guy and the soldier with more LUA errors.
Grigori impaled, a closer look, by a pipe with a little pizza thing to get it in and out of the oven next to him.
The other arguing man and soldier.
One guy arguing
Guy drunk, puke on floor, soldier looks pissed.
Three more pictures of arguing.
Grigori impaled again, but he has a pot on his head.
A zombie sitting on the ground with two grubs on the wooden door above him.

Points to work on:
-Try the pose you’re doing youself. If it doesn’t feel natural, modify it until it does and then pose.
-Avoid floating people
-Find reference pictures for poses

Used a Mac to get in, no viruses here.

But he does look dodgy :expressionless:

Okay I saw you comments, i’ll post them on ImageShack

Edit : I post only one of these ;p

Drunk Medic talking smack about Bowser Jr.

Scout and Yoshi enter the Porky Empire Main Building.

i’ve had a stomach flu all day, and the screenshots in the thread resemble the toxic wastes shooting out of both ends


nice ;D

Okay, I’ve seen your post and I agree with you, about the picture in which Chell, Minecraft dude, Barney (and more…) it’s juste a joke, I made it for the fun :wink:
Not any serious thing in this picture don’t worry.
About constructions I know it’s just ragdoll posing (or sometimes somes objects such as chairs on the wall).
“Try the pose you’re doing youself” That’s a good idea if I post pictures later i’ll check my posing =).
Floating people : just a joke for my crappy picture don’t worry.
reference pictures : got a bug on my computer : any change Desktop <-> GMod make me lag… impossible ;(, the same when Shift+Tab (Steam interface InGame) I must wait between 5 and 10 minutes before lag disappeared.
But your comment is not school-maded criticism, so I’ll keep it in my heaad :slight_smile:
Another picture (and another joke, of course) made by my brother :slight_smile:


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