Screenshots I have done yet not posted. (Firstperson stuff,MW2,HALFLIFE)

All of these are mostly new, I wanted to post them all since they are all new so I made one thread for them.

A civilian about to attempt a rescue

Star! … STAR!!!

And thats supposed to be a flare. I suck at editing and have no good programs for it.

First Person pictures with the same style as the first person project machinima series that just came out.

^^^He is running if you were curious^^^

^^Not a comic^^ just put together.

C%C I guess just tell me if ya like it if ya hate it, what I could improve.

(YES I know the quality is horrible NO ANTIALSING is something I have a problem with my computer about I have another graphics card but all of my steam games freeze except garrys mod which lags more than normal)

You can improve by your posing.

If you can’t use anti-aliasing ingame, taking the screenshot at a higher resolution and manually resizing it is a decent alternative. That’s what I used to do before I got my new graphics card.

not exactly what I ment. I have no idea what you mean. please be more specific, what do you see wrong with the poses? so I can actually improve what I made bad.

and also to DZ987 I do that sometimes too but I didn’t feel like it this time.

The posing on the first one isn’t pretty good, though the others are better, though the last one not by much, it could just be the model’s physics though… and I can tell you duplicated the metrocop, the one in the 2nd pic.

In the first one the winter coat cop can use some butt-tucking.
In the MW2, one the Rangers’ legs seem weird. And they should take cover lower

Spent half an hour trying to get that butt tucked. I gave up :stuck_out_tongue: That model is harder to pose than you would think.