Screenshots of my inventions!

Just a nice collection of all of my GMOD inventions I create. (Most of them are basically from Sonic The Hedgehog) So enjoy!

Sonic 1 (Final Zone)

Sonic 2 (Death Egg Zone, Final Boss)

Sonic 3 & Knuckles (Death Egg Zone, Final Boss)

Sonic 3 & Knuckles (Doomsday Zone)

Sonic 3 & Knuckles (Doomsday Zone)

Sonic Adventures (The Egg Carrier)

Sonic Unleashed (First attempt at Egg Dragoon)

Sonic Unleashed (Second attempt at Egg Dragoon)

Sonic Unleashed (Second attempt at Egg Dragoon)

Well, I see what you wanted to do here, and those robots at the end look pretty good, but overall the pictures aren’t very good. Lemme try and break this down;

-The one actually posed ragdoll is posed very awkwardly, try looking in a mirror and replicating the pose, see if it looks natural.
-The background, and the environment as a whole, of all of these pictures is very boring. Try finding some good scenery on a map, or making your own in a scenebuild.
-Try not to use playermodels and NPCs in lieu of ragdolls, it looks fairly sloppy and is generally frowned upon.

There may be more stuff to work on, but I’m kinda tired and can’t think of much else. But as I said, the robots and various other purpose built models look pretty good, and the concept isn’t horrible. Keep at it and you’ll be perfect.

God wouldn’t I look stupid if he only wanted to show off his construction skills?

Yeah I’m pretty sure he just wanted to show his constructions.
Are these actually working things? You could make a video to show off the stuff they can do.
Looking good so far!

Indeed they do work! A reason why I can’t really claim much to the detail of the Screenshots, ehe.

'Kayy, these are strange… But definately not bad!