Screenshots of my next scary GMOD map, please give feedback.

Hey, I don’t know if anyone remembers me, but I posted a thread about a scary map I made here a while back. It was met with much criticism about how I don’t put much detail into my maps.
I overreacted, resulting in getting myself temp-banned.

**Edit: **The original train wreck:

Well, I’m back after all this, with a much more open mind. Please take a look at these screenshots of my next map, which currently being worked on.
I want to call upon those who gave their opinions before.

That’s right Facepunch, feel free to tell me what you think. Have I improved?


I’m especially proud of the boiler room with all the pipes.

This map, as you can probably guess from the pictures, is based off of a school. I think that since I have an idea of what it is supposed be, I have been adding a lot more detail.

Thanks, I can’t wait to hear what you have to say.

I really had no idea it was based off a school, and why does a school need a boiler room, and why does it need to be that big?

Might need to revisit those stairs in the last picture, they seem odd being so thin and only attached to the wall.

Other than that looks good

Older buildings in the northern US generally used boilers with a network of pipes and radiators for heating, rather than furnaces. Older schools are no exception. I went to one in Colorado that had a boiler system. But I do agree that boiler rooms are not that big.

Other than that, the lights are terrible. Cone lamps don’t cast light on the ceiling above them, stop using generic light entities. use light_spot with point_spotlight for the halo. Also, your map has a leak somewhere (the ugly black blotch in the stairwell gives it away.)

Looking very promising, you definitely have improved, but you do still seem to have a problem with detailing so I’ve made a few suggestions on your screenshots. Hope you find them useful:[/t][t][/t]

Realised how tiny the staircase example in the last image was after photobucket decided to resize it:

That last picture is actually really helpful. I never thought about adding those lips to even my stairs and now the textures make like 800% more sense. Thanks selby.

You are the most helpful person I’ve ever seen.

I completely agree with everything you say, I have been considering adding doorframes for some time now, and I think it’s time for me to get on that.

Also, I was going to add railings to the stairs after posting this, and the tile textures on the stairs, well, that room’s texture in general I’m still messing with to see what looks best. The tiny lips on the steps are a great idea.

Also, you noticed how in the boiler room, there is a catwalk with a floor that can’t be seen without shining a flashlight on it. I’ve been focused on that for a bit, and I’ve come to the conclusion that the steam (func_dustcloud) is at some point hitting the outlines of the actual models, and most brushes are not rendered in the fog. Since there is no light in that room, the transparancy of the steam or something is the only thing that’s showing some of the outlines of objects in the room. I’m not sure what to do about that, oh well.

Thanks for your helpful advice!