Screenshots Rules, Museum, and Resources - READ THIS!

**Useful resources!**

-ChestyMcGee’s basic editing tutorial
-Vman’s editing tutorial for GIMP
-Weenurs’ slippery rain tutorial(Photoshop)
-Weenurs’ ingame Post Processing/Shading tutorial
-Angry Baker’s snazzy ingame studio-style lighting!
-Angry Baker’s in-game editing tutorial
-Haxxer’s biotic effects
-ChestyMcGee’s color theory thread
-Stopper’s “Blend If” tutorial!
-Uberslug’s blue-screening and lighting tutorial
-Stopper’s Photoshop UI tips
-Weenurs’ [Youtube Tutorial] Garry’s Mod Ingame Editing / Post Processing

-Everything Jaanus has ever made (futuristic weapons here)
-Larry’s ultimate weapon pack!

Upload sites/tools
-Dropbox I personally recommend this. It is extremely handy for quickly uploading pictures to the net.
-Filesmelt - No size limit (Use for huge pictures).


  • Post in the correct section. Videos, Contraptions and Comics should not be placed in this section. Make sure you know where to post before you do. Contact us if you’re unsure.

  • Use descriptive titles. “A screenshot I took” is not descriptive. If you can’t take an estimation of what the pose is going to be just by looking at the thread title, it’s not descriptive enough.

  • The .jpg filetype should ALWAYS be your first choice. A jpeg at the highest quality setting is virtually impossible to tell from a BMP or PNG but loads much, much faster. Unless your picture is transparent or animated (PNG and GIF, respectively) you are strongly advised to post JPGs only.

  • Don’t use gm_construct or any other build map for poses. Unless your pose requires a build map to make sense, don’t use them. They’ve been purposely made ugly and featureless to reduce lag and give you a bunch of space to build contraptions. Use a map that has some scenery, such as a custom map.

  • Take your time. Nobody likes sloppy work, nor do they want you to share a picture that took you 5 minutes. Take your time making your pose. Don’t just stick a ragdoll in the air and flop some limbs around, take your time to make it just right.

  • Turn up your graphics before taking the picture. Do all your posing on your normal settings. When you’re all done setting up your shot, go into options and turn everything up as high as it goes. It’s gonna probably gonna lag and be really slow unless you have a decent computer. This is okay, just have some patience and get in place for your shot.

  • When replying to threads be helpful or don’t post. Post constructive criticism! If someone posts a picture that you have a problem with, or just don’t like, don’t insult them or attempt to anger them. Tell them what you feel is wrong with the picture, and tell them how you feel they can improve upon it. It’s okay to joke around with your buddy and be witty, but don’t let it get out of hand.

  • Trolling: A troll’s intent is to anger, frustrate you. (EX1, EX2). When you see someone trolling, don’t reply to them. Report them.

  • Sex poses go here.

  • Personal skins go here.

  • Psychotic motherfuckers go here

If you have any issues or concerns with the rules, or need any assistance at all please PM me or contact me via MSN/WLM:

If you’d like to join the Facepunch Museum, create a compilation thread(8-10 pics minimum) and PM either Uberslug or myself with the link. You MUST make a logo for yourself. Please make the logo 435px × 250px

Hell yes! Thanks for taking care of this issue Benji.
Now we dont have to worry about bumping that Museum thread anymore ^^

Also, its time to find all my pics, going to do my compilation soon :dance:

So we make like one picture, and you put it in the collage strip for the FacePunch museum?
(Just curious… cause if I read it right, then thats what you mean, or you meant we make 8-10 pictures for ourselves)

Yay! :dance:
Thanks for stickying it again.

You most have posted at least 7 or 8 pictures in this section, and make a compilation thread about those pictures.

Also, dont even DARE to make just 8 dumb poses and then say you want a place here…

I have created to many poses to do a compilation.


I do not believe 8 pictures is enough for a compilation. That is a rather small amount.

You still didn’t add my compilation thread for some reason.


Wait, didn’t see it, I see it now >.>

Watch out for trolls, you can’t say anything when they are around, or you get banned. Just report them, and hopefully a moderator will come in the next 10 hours!

If I missed anyone that sent me their compilation, my apologies. Please PM me again and I’ll add you.

I know, i’ll take my time, and already made a pretty decent one :stuck_out_tongue:

Is this possible to have my own museum?
Rate me books if nobody asked about it.

lol wtf we can post here?

Remember the old museum thread Benji made?
It got locked and now the museum is here, so we dont have to be bumping the museum thread all the time.

i’d love to be in this museum, if only i had more pics, as of now i have… starts shuffling through pictures


I too would like to be in the museum, I just need a few more good edits for it. :buddy:

Same…except I’ve got something like 30 pics, lol.

ALL SHIT!!! :smiley:

You could easily create a thread right now.

It worked for a while- it was pretty popular after it went through a lot of additions etc. It’s better placed here now though, especially considering everyone is already pretty familiar with the rules thread.

Remove my compilation from the Museum please.


Thank you.