Screenshots too bright


every screenshot i take in the game seems to be too bright. i disabled hdr, bloom and tried it with and without color correction.
i am running gmod in a virtual machine, when i take a screenshot from the host system everything looks normal.

here an example:

too bright:


why are the screenshots taken in the game so bright?

upgrading vmware to the latest version solved the problem. but the colors are still a bit off.
when i draw a box with the colors (RGB)=(50, 100, 200) i get (46, 100, 201). why is this? i get the same results when i take the screenshot ingame or from the host system.

I don’t know anything about Linux, but this sounds like either a graphics driver issue or a problem with the VMWare software not working correctly.

You could just run on Windows and have none of the alternative OS bugs in the first place, just saying.

the brightness in the first place was indeed a vmware/driver problem. apparently additional gamma was added.

the problem now seems to come from gmod/soure engine itself. when i draw a colour in paint for instance, the colour remains the same in a screenshot.