how i take screenshots please its an emergency


ha ha very funny but someone give me a link to filr front or somethin

When your in Garry’s mod you automatically have your camera, it counts as a weapon.

The fire button takes the picture when you have it selected.

Good day.

ah jesus …just forget it

Use the camera phone.

say cheez.

why filefront? you don’t need third-party tools to take pictures – there’s a camera tool ingame. or just go to your console (~ key) and type in bind “j” “jpeg” so every time you press j you get a picture that saves to your garrysmod/screenshots folder

if you want specifics hit me up, homie


made a ballin tutorial 4 u

OP seems like smart guy.

no its looks like it came out wrong i know how to take screenshots and all im on about uploading them

try looking at someones else uploaded picture and seeing the site they used
:smiley: ehem imagshak is one

thank you guys :smiley:

Wow that just sad

Sorry I couldn’t help it