Screw 'picture' backgrounds with music, lets make MAP BACKGROUNDS!1!

Ok, i have a feeling almost every non-troll is getting pissed at all the crappy backgrounds being posted on garrysmod.

Let us motivate them by making map backgrounds. Most source games have these wonderful products of valve’s resourcefulness, why not garrysmod? I have a feeling garry would not have gone out of his way to remove this feature, though some features of garrysmod might conflict it.

I think not, i am working on a background map right now and hope to test it soon, let us mappers unite and overpower the shitty backgrounds of garrysmod!

The Source Developer Community has a vague tutorial on this:

Ok, all that ‘inspiring’ shit is proboably useless knowing this is facepunch, i’m just suprised no-one has attempted this besides me yet(or atleast i can’t find a popular background map for garrysmod) And i was hoping to strike an idea into your heads.

Good luck!

Sigh, I would, but I suck at Hammer.

it isn’t that hard… if you know what hammer is just make a building and a few npc spawers… it’d be faster than what i’m doing, interesting.

It’s quite easy, basically all you need is a camera in the map and something to toggle it on player spawn.

I made one a while back where Barney was sitting in a chair in a pitch black room look around while you
could hear ambient war sounds.

Have you done it in garrysmod yet?
I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while but I couldn’t figure it out.

That is awesome. If anyone could confirm this is working with garry’s mod i will certainly make a map background. I never thought of it to be honest, great initiative to post this.

Here’s another tutorial. It’s shorter, but has nice pictures.

I was wondering why no-one has thought of this before. Could be easily done.

Great Atmosphere DaKakis. Really nice.

I shall attempt one :smiley:

This is a brilliant idea and I want to see garrys mod go to the next level!

You guys do know if garrysmod had a background map it would take longer to load because of the fact that your addons have to be loaded and so does lua.

some people dont consider that…they think they can do this and that and it load fast, which isnt the case

They don’t have to download the background map.

snip derp

He said load, not download. It’s loading a level behind your menu and takes time to load, like any level, as opposed to a picture which is much swifter to render, thus loading the main menu takes longer.

I’m pretty sure he meant they don’t have to download the background map from or whatever if they don’t want to

What if you had an animated .vtf showing a clip of the map background that seamlessly looped? It’d be a big file, sure, but it’d take care of the loading issue.

I think that’ll give problems on different resolutions.

If this is gonna happen, the only forseable way Garry will include it is if he does it L4D style. Record a 3 or 4 minute video, loop it, then convert it to the smallest possible format, like a .bik file for example. Then it shouldn’t take too long to load, if you look at how L4D did it.