"Screw the grooming standards, I'm here to kill Germans." - SSgt. Raymond Batheless


'Staff Sergeant Raymond L. Batheless instructs a ‘Green’ MG squad to deploy in a window, whilst also recommending that they ignore the coincidental similarities between his last name and personal hygiene. When asked about his lack of grooming the battle hardened Staff Sergeant simply replied with -

“Ain’t got no time to wash yer ass when Jerry’s climbin’ up it”’

Basically In this particular picture I was trying to make the A for mentioned ‘Staff Sergeant Batheless’ look like the most hurtin unit possible. Pretty much trying to grasp what a soldier would look like if he had been in combat for 2 months straight and never changed, shaved or bathed the entire time. All in all I’d say I was pretty pleased with the final result, but please feel free to let me know what you guys think. All comments and criticisms are most appreciated, thank you.

Here is the original -

That guy kneeling next to the window has poop on his face.

Maybe you should have used the models WITH citizen heads so they can be faceposed.

The blank faces just kill it for me.

You should download Bloocobalts chopped of citizen heads and mix 'em up. They’re very usefull.

Anyways. The posing is great, considering it’s dod ragdolls :saddowns:
The camera angle fits in my opinion. The shading is fine, once again in my opinion. I can’t really comment on the beard as I have no experience with that kind of editing so I would have no idea how a bad/good beard would look. :tiphat:

Something about those skins look out of place. Might be the insignia on their shoulders/helmets.

However, I really like this because the posing is great and it really brings back the glory days of DoD:S posing :smiley:

What looks out of place? I made those skins and id like to improve them or something.