"Screw Vests, I LOVE This Thing!" (Francis tearing down the horde)

Posing (and awesome hack of the L4D minigun) by Ilwrath, edit by me.


Comments, Praise, and Criticism Please!


Boo yah (fuck you grog guy, second post was to be mine.)

Great posing you got there, I love the effects, too.

I like it, great editing, great posing, nothing wrong with the pic

I have won

Fucking awesome!

Perfectly good. Couldn’t be better, nice job dude.

“Y’know what I don’t hate? I don’t hate this.”

backround image :smiley:

Lighting and muzzleflash are both fucking awesome. The red effect kinda seems a little excessive, but I have viewed the original and understand that it is not your fault.

Fantastic, I love the muzzle flash.

It doesn’t take that long to get the barrels to glow like Christmas lights :3:

But thanks anyway!

damnit VMan your going subtract attention from my thread, I can’t beat this.

he should have been standing in a pile of dead zombie fucks like the true badass he is

He does that after he has torn them to shreds. Right now he is in the process. :3:

That barrel is going to melt right off if he keeps that up.

Nice picture.

Well then it would be spraying molten metal around the room, that could work too :3:



That is the sexiest piece of picture I have seen in a while. Anybody seen Francis Hates L4D?