Screwed up Gmod server.

Hey. Every since the new gmod update I cant join my own server. I ran the Hlds updater tool, and it seemed to have worked, as in, all of my friends could join, but everytime I try to join it closes my gmod.
I really need help fast.
Cause I really wanna play on my server :smiley:
Also, if you do happen to know the answer, please be specific, since I’m pretty new to the server thing.
Thanks so much.

–Sir Mikey

P.s. It gives me an error message when I crash, something about my ip.
Plz help.

It’s a virus.

your a virus.

I don’t have the answers, but I think this requires a reinstall of the gmod part of your server…

Hope this helps :\

OK, DONT DELETE THE SERVER FILES! Just redownload the games content using CMD like u did to download it. Just downlaod files, and any files missing it will repair. If that doesn’t work. Somthings fucked up.

If your not going to accept help don’t ask for it.

You have to switch the port the dedi is on.

That wasn’t help. That was as far away from help as it gets.