Screwed up hud.

I haven’t been on Gmod in a while, but I started it up, I noticed the hud, for some reason, was covered with the picture used for finger posing. Did a recent update screw this up, because it wasn’t like this before.

They’re calling for you. (Try re-installing)

I’ve been putting off uninstalling and reinstalling the game, but I’ve did it and it still didn’t fix it. A recent update must’ve screwed it up or something.

Do you have MuseX installed?

Yeah, I have Musex installed.

You are not the first one reporting this. Please tell us if a re-installation helped!

Re-installing the game didn’t help, I’m afraid. :confused:

Edit: Removing MuseX fixed it. How can Musex cause that problem? It never did that before, so, maybe an update broke the addon?

Damn, that sucks. Musex was a good addon too. Anyone know if the uploader is gonna update or fix that, or if someone else is planning to. If not, does anyone know any other good GMOD music players to use?