Screwed up model browser (l4d2)

I have seemed to screw up my model browser in l4d2. I cant seem to scroll through the objects. I can see the categories and preview of the object of what i had on, but cant choose objects. I dont know what i pressed to screw it up. Thanks for the help.

I have this problem too sometimes. Try just removing the entity and making a new one, or switch entities from something else and back.

Happens in all versions of Hammer if I’m correct, Just apply and exit out of the entity, then reopen it and it should work.

Sorry for the bad image. I tried what you guys said but it didnt work.

Why did you blur it?

The image seems trollish.

Not only is it blurred, but annoyingly tiny.

I can make out that its the dead centre notice board prop.

There I got a better picture. Sorry for the last.

Tools>options>General tab (I think) and untick the vgui browser. (or tick I don’t remember), open up the browser, and then close it. Then turn it back on.

It wont let me apply it.