Screwed up textures/models


I recently came back to Garrysmod, the last time i played was just after GM13 was released.

Been getting a really strange problem; Certain textures/models seem to be all screwed up, they flash different colours depending on where I’m looking. I also sometimes get a huge black box in the middle of my screen when I’m shooting, so I can’t see anything.

I don’t get any of these issues when I play CS:S or HL2, so I can only assume the cause is Garrysmod.




What I have tried:

  • Launching/verifying related games (CS:S, HL2, HL2DM)
  • Complete folder deletion + reinstall of Garrysmod + CS:S
  • Resetting my config and wiping the config files saved to the cloud for Garrysmod
  • Changing the graphics settings all around
  • Copying CS:S/HL2/Gmod folders over to my laptop, same issue (I use an ATI graphics card on here, laptop is Nvidia, both latest drivers)
  • Installing a HD texture pack for CSS, doesnt seem to have helped
  • Launching under a different dxlevel

Getting really annoying and I haven’t been able to find anyone else with the same problem.

This is also happening a lot with custom content, so no idea what could be the cause.

So this happens on your laptop and desktop?

Yup, it happened on the laptop after I copied HL2/CSS/Garrysmod over, but since then I have tried reinstalling CSS and Garrysmod from scratch on my desktop and I still get the same problem.

Its also happening with custom content as well.


For some reason a total reinstall of Garry’s Mod worked this time around, I made sure I deleted every last trace of the game, as well as disabling Steam cloud since it could have been an issue with my config.