Script Auto Updator

Well I’m looking for a script auto updator

local connect = HTTPGet();
connect:Download("", "");

I know that would be the first part to download it, but wouldn’t it download to data folder?
I can’t find any function that can move the file to the script directory.

You’d need to use a module, gm_rawio, to move it around.

And that is a module nobody should have on their client. For security reasons.

I agree, just letting him know.

best thing to do it make a script in your lua folder to read the file from your data folder then every time you join a server do a check to see if the version number is higher than the copy you have if it is then download the update.

you can’t read it from data folder because file.Read can only read text files
my aim is trying to do this without a module

what’s wrong with the file being text you can read the text and run the code inside