Script Enforcer Exception

It’s been a while since I’ve done anything with script enforcer, and I’ve noticed it atuogens the whitelist now. My question being is there a way to add something to the whitelist without having it on the server?

Case in point being that admins on my server have a client-side interface that they use. Before script enforcer we just handed it out to the admins, but after we enabled script enforcer, they can’t use it because its not on the server.

If I add the addon to the server, then they can use it, but everyone who’s connected has access to it. Is there a way to allow users to use it without adding it to the server?


Put the file on the server and AddCSLuaFile it.


Find the whitelist (cfg folder?), and add the filename + the CRC (?) of the file.

Where might the whitelist file be? I can’t seem to find it.

Add it to the server but put an if statement round it all with is admin

Scriptenforcer used to work with a manually generated whitelist but now it generates it automatically when the server starts