Script Enforcer Problem

When I’m on my server, I type scriptenforce_createmanifest in my console and in return I get: -

Writing: gamemodes/BDefence/clientscripts.txt
CScriptEnforcer::WriteConfig - Couldn’t write to gamemodes/BDefence/clientscripts.txt


You don’t use scriptenforce_createmanifest anymore.

Fast reply, woah. What do I use then?


Shouldn’t the wiki be updated?

Just enable sv_scriptenforcer in your server config file, then change level twice.

Alright, it’s working. Is there anything I should do to make it stabler and not drop clients for no reason?


Now it’s fucked my gamemode up.

Change level twice. It’s normal to have problems after the first changelevel.

Edit: If you use SE, the fact of the matter is people will get kicked, whether for a reason or not.

But Necropolis RP have it and I’ve never been kicked for no reason. It’s perfect at there side.

Yeah, just change the level once after you start up your server and it’ll fix. Also if you want, I’ll be happy to let you have my no-se bypass script.

Well, is there a way to remove/detect aimbots/wallhacks/ESP’s etc? Instead of concommand.Remove?

And Gbps, yes please.

Just add me on Steam.

This is wierd, when it’s on it fucks up my gamemode. I restart and it doesen’t work anymore. My clientside hook still works.

At this rate I can’t Gbps since it doesen’t even work. Fuck it.


Is there another way of removing clientside commands/scripts/hooks?

There is, but a combo with an antihack script and scriptenforcer is the way to go.


SE works, we promise you. You just got to tinker until it works.