Script Error Help

Hello Everyone! I am a Co-Owner on a DarkRP Server and there is this Script Error:

[ERROR] vcmod/client/data_hud_main.lua:2: attempt to index a string value with bad key ('GetNWEntity' is not part of the string library)
  1. error - [C]:-1
   2. __index - lua/includes/extensions/string.lua:301
    3. Damage - vcmod/client/data_hud_main.lua:2
     4. fn - vcmod/client/main_shared_sf.lua:2
      5. unknown - addons/ulib-master/lua/ulib/shared/hook.lua:109

Is there any way i can fix this without FTP/RCON access or do I need to wait for him to come back?

As you can see this is a VCMod error
You can tell the owner to go and ask Freemmaann for support

Is there any VCMOD setting I can do? If I create a ScriptFodder account it will show I haven’t bought VCMOD (duh) and he’ll most likely deny me support.

should probs tell him to get a legit copy

Wait for him to come back, then ask him to make a support ticket regarding that error.