Script for mod Zombie Survival

Hello! Sorry if write nonsense, I’m not American and do not know much English. So, where can I get the script on the items. For example. The player buying the privilege, given a set of weapons specified in the script
For example:
200 HP life
200 points for purchase at the beginning of the round
Arsenal box and so on…
300 HP is life
300 points for the purchase at the beginning of the round
Arsenal box
400 HP is life
400 points for purchase at the beginning of the round
Arsenal box
Please) and Sundry) Then in the script please specify where to write the name of objects. Thanks in advance!

I think you should read this:

DMCA takedowns mean jack shit outside the US.

ehhh, DMCA takedowns may be successfull outside of the USA, trust me. Own experience.

Depending on the country they use the same system to make it simple. Its called copyright. If it is hosting on something like github, it is DMCA since github is US based, thus they need to follow US law. While if someone is hosting it somewhere where they ignore things like DMCA you will have a harder time.

Also depening on where you live will change copy right nature. Such as for me since i am in canada, anything that i dont mention a licsence on falls under intellectual property. Thus its more based on where you are from and where it is hosted.

However since it is clear in the
it basic states not making money off the gamemode.
From my understanding however if you do things that are cosmetic, then you would be fine. Such as a different player model.

He doesn’t want you to alter anything of the gamemode itself at all, but pointshop should be fine. But what he wants to do is more or less, altering the gamemode ‘style’ with 400+ HP, and spawning weapons etc. – Also, I received DMCA requests whilst hosting in germany.

License says you’re free to modify, distribute the gamemode as long as your modifications do not add gameplay advantages to people who pay you money, prevent JetBoom from joining the server or somehow affiliate yourself in any way with HellsGamers.

It’s pretty straightforward.

so he basically wants to go against the license.

“affiliate yourself in any way with HellsGamers.”

good shit

btw any place that isn’t allied with the USA won’t follow copyright laws, but if they’re on good terms with the US, the server host will prob comply with the request. its honestly up to whoever is hosting your server, because it’s if they’re willing to risk being taken to court because of one customer. spoilers, they’ll side with the DCMA request, and your server will go down.