Script: Jail Break 7 by Excl

we bought the Jail Break 7 script from him and it dosent have a map vote in the jail break game so we asked him asked for a map vote he said he would give it for 10 dollars then when we gave him the money I sent him my email and he nvr gave me the script for the map vote so don’t trust the guy heres also proof of the steam chat we had I

i just bought the jail break game that you made is there any chance i can get a map change in the jail break
Excl: You can buy one off me
Excl: A mapvote system
: ok how much
Excl: $10
: ok ill get one then
: do you have it already done or do you have to make it
Excl: I have it done
: ill pay by pay pal send me your email so i can pay and ill give you my email to send the script
: ok my email ha
***** i sent it
: email ha****** can you send it
Excl is now Online.
Excl: Removing you now - don’t ever call me
Excl is now Offline.

2:36 PM - Excl: I sent him a mapvote thing he bought for $10 and then he started calling me over steam after I told him not to
2:37 PM - Excl: Cause people who call for attention annoy me
2:37 PM - Excl: That guy's a total douche bag.
2:36 PM - code_gs: But you did give him the map vote?
2:38 PM - Excl: Yea
2:38 PM - Excl: I pretty much have it ready right here
2:39 PM - Excl: I think he's just not figuring out how it works and thus wanting a refund
2:39 PM - Excl: It's quite straightforward, too, just a maplist.txt file in your data/
2:39 PM - Excl: As easy as it gets really

that lier never sent me it and un friended me when I tried to call him for the script
is there anybody make me a map vote for jail break 7? and ill pay because this guy is not to be trusted all that he wrote I don’t even know he didn’t send it he made it all up

Stop lying. Why would you call him, anyway? I don’t blame him for unfriending you.

because he said he sent the script and I checked and I gave my email and he didn’t reply also the last thing to do was to call him of why he didn’t send it and he unfriended me also you weren’t there

You should never use Steam calling. People get nervous over that because it provides the person calling with the other person’s IP address, and is overall just annoying. Just because I wasn’t there doesn’t mean I can’t see a situation for more than face value. It’s also obvious you did more than censor your chat logs with him since they don’t show the calls you made.

wel if your his friend or not tell him to do the decent thing and return my money back that I payed him for the script I didn’t get Sep 7, 2014 Payment For
Casual Bananas

Details Payment For Casual Bananas 7EL99564WM8***** -$10.00 USD

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If there anybody can make me a script for the jail break 7 plz stay in touch and ill pay

Would it be possible for you guys to handle this on Steam? Facepunch isn’t really the place to discuss issues like this

ok im finish now anyway