Script Kiddies

Played Garry’s mod for about 2 hours when all of the sudden my computer lagged out, forcing me to hold down the power button for a restart. upon restarting, my Steam refused to launch aswell as “ids” for games were missing, preventing me from launching them. I went ahead and reinstall Garry’s mod, only to realize it’s been 3 hours that i’ve been de-installing it MIND YOU I’M ON A BRAND NEW SAMSUNG SSD - and here is why:

all of these files read: i leik big dick hehheheh

most likely a server you were on corrupted your files.

that should be illegal!

That’s the ulx crash command.
If an admin used that on you, you probably really fucked up.

I redesigned my ulx crash command to only exit the player.

Literally every server in existence uses that. I’ve never seen it completely corrupt steam

It didn’t. Your ssd is just shit

Costs about as much as your entire computer, but alright buddy.

if a few thousand writes is all it takes to blow it up then yeah its shit and you wasted your money

Did I say it blew up? Steam went corrupt - everything else runs just fine

Oh come on, you don’t have to show off your potato

Are you sure garrysmod is installed on your SSD? I’ve seen people complain about having a shit SSD and then realize they weren’t even using it the entire time.

None-the-less, it’s a bit strange that a crash managed to corrupt your steam, as it shouldn’t be possible to write files outside of the garrysmod directory without some very interesting exploits.
In the future, I would recommend against installing garrysmod on your SSD since it doesn’t benefit as much from an SSD and will probably end up killing it faster/filling it up rapidly in the long run.

The way the crash works is by writing to countless files simultaneously. Having an amazing SSD wont prevent your game from crashing.

At least they are not dickbutt’s.

If steam and GMod were on the same SSD it’s likley the 1000s of writes killed the SSD. It won’t be obvious damage like an explosion, just you won’t be able to store or transfer shit on it. Basically a badmin killed your SSD.

I reinstalled Windows 3 times in the past 4 days, my ssd doesn’t seem to be rip.

1000’s of writes wont kill an SSD. Modern SSD’s wont die from massive amounts of writes unless you abuse it with something obnoxious like 100 gig’s of writes a day for months; years even.