Script request for DarkRP *money storage*

Looking for a small addon or something that would allow players to store their money in a prop for dark rp, example

Pick prop type list 10 different props

Store money in prop ( money leaves wallet but doesnt really go inside prop )

Players may steal from this prop if they find that it is a item that holds money

Go up to prop ** use lock pick ** to steal money

ah you mean like hiding your money in a fridge or cupboard?

but it would be to easy just to go around and click e on every prop

What I wanna know is why would they put the money inside the prop in the first place?

To hide it, I have it set so that when players die they drop all their money.

Surely this will just result in people spamming the lockpick on those 10 props?

I think that a safe would probably be a better idea.

I made something like this a while ago but i made it to store weapons, not money. Ill rework it a little bit and if i get it working nice a pretty ill PM it to you later.

Would very much appreciate it. Thank you so much man.