Script that tells if a player is alive

BAsically i need a clientside script that tells me where a player is, his hp, and whether he’s alive.

thanks if you can do this :slight_smile:

local function FindPlayer(name)
for _,v in ipairs(player.GetAll()) do if string.find(v:Name(),name) then return v end end
return false

function PlayerInfo(pl,cmd,args)
local targ = FindPlayer(args[1])
if !targ then return end

LocalPlayer():ChatPrint("Health: "..targ:Health())
LocalPlayer():ChatPrint("Alive: ".. tostring(targ:Alive()) 
    LocalPlayer():ChatPrint("Pos: ".. math.Round(pos.x).. " "..math.Round(pos.y) .. " " .. math.Round(pos.z))


Put that in /autorun/client or something.