Script to make players no collide with each other

I just need a quick script to make players no collide with each other.

I am busy working on my Deathrun gamemode and I don’t have time to look this up


Can someone make this I’m in need of something like this also.

This is how ASSMod did it.

hook.Add( “PlayerSpawn”, “PlayerCollision”, function(ply) ply:SetCollisionGroup(11) end )

Could use the new collision hooks(Which are buggy) or the better option, gm_guardian

Where would I put that? In an autorun file?

There’s only 3 places you can really place things. On the server, the client or both (shared).

In this case it goes on the server so it’s anywhere in lua/autorun/ or the init.lua of your gamemode and all files included in it.