Script to press F to respawn mid round

hi guys

i want my players on my TTT server to be able to respawn randomly on the map after they die by pressing F after a 3 second delay and i also want them to not enter spectator and instead i want them to stay in first person view dead till they press F

any ideas?


1st post?
Im gonna guess that you are a Professional Lua Configer.
If you are expecting to get code here just go make an sf job and pay for it.

Take a look on how this addon does it:

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You can at least give him a start.

Thanks for your kind words… No i am not going to try and make money from the code i find here. I legitimately want it for my server. Thanks for your helpful response :slight_smile:

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Hey Code.

Thanks for the link. I remember this script a while back. It had a deathmatch like respawn. Cant believe i didnt think to check out how this guy done his respawning. Ill be sure to check it out! Thanks!