Script to spawn with certain SWEPs?

Hey, not sure if this has been brought up:

I have several swep packs, and every time I die, I get frustrated to have to spawn the weapons i chose again.

Is there any way to designate which weapons I would keep/have when I spawn/respawn?

thanks for any help. :smiley:

For this snippet, you need to know the classnames of each weapon you want to spawn with.

local Weapons = {



local function Spawn( ply )

if( ply:IsAdmin() ) then

	for _, V in pairs( Weapons ) do

		ply:Give( V )



hook.Add( “PlayerSpawn”, “GimmeWeapons_Player_Spawn”, Spawn )

That could be expanded so you can change the weapons in the table while you’re playing - without editing and reloading the script. PM me if you want this coded.