Scripted NPCS

Hi guys, i haven’t posted much (if all) but theres always got to be a start somewhere.

So on my server, there is a script that controls it, an AI controlled admin that preforms actions based on player input. Now as this is all nice and dandy, it’s kind of confusing having something rule the server when it has no physical entity.

So i decided to create an SNPC, probably using a combine scanner model, that flys around and watches players, occasionally saying things over chat and/or voice. I’m not asking for the script here, i just want some pointers, like where to start, what i could base it on etc, as i have never created a SENT, SWEP or SNPC before (i’m mainly server scripts). So would anyone be kind as to point out what to do, or shove me in the direction of a SNPC guide?

I would suggest just being the Admin or getting a friend to be Admin.
But if you really want, I could give a bit of advice for guidelines as to what to try :slight_smile:

City scanner model (If you want)
Can detect spam (Multiple props/entities/vehicles/phrases/chat by same user repeatedly)
Pre-recorded phrases, (spoken or typed (E.G “Who is the admin?” I am the Administrative AI)
If you actually get it working, it would be great to account for everything.

Theres four admins on the server that log on at multiple intervals, but unfourtunatly we can’t always be on and watching :), and as i have no idea how to make an snpc, it will be a while till i get it working :stuck_out_tongue: