Scripted NPCs

Hello, I’m pretty stressed right now, but i’ll try to explain as quickly and informative as possible^^ My community have been using DAN’s npc pack for about 9 months now if i remember correct. We mostly using the Infected and Horror npcs to represent the infecteds of the T-Virus. So basically we have been running Resident Evil Serious roleplay since early 2009 and I’m asking if someone that is good at scripting npcs could maybe make some requested npcs that we want to use on the server. Here is one of them:

Here is the new NPC model insted of player model: with an added attack animation, but you still have to go to the other thread to download the textures (scroll down for link) (all creds to BabyFawnLegs for making the animations)

Anyway we could talk more on steam cus i gtg now, fox_tobias