scripted sequense

so i am making barney wave his hand while he syas something how to make his mouth move? also how i make so when he is sitting he sit while and then goes to next one

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okay that was bit unclear how i make it so it starts doing animation i want it to do and when trige trigers it it goes to next scripted sequense

use the Next script setting :slight_smile: so the npc "barney moves the the next scripted sequence for his mouth to lip_sync to the words trigger a scripted_sentence

hi my new broblem is it wont start in sitting animation i wanted to player trigger it so it stops stinning and goes to next sequense

what you might have to do is use a few scripted sequenses and set them up in order of npc goes to sitting postion, next scripted sequense npc goes from sitting to standing then the scripted sequense where the npc moves to the last sequence, youll have to look at the npc animation that barney has in the model viewer

But when i load my map he isnt sitting he is standing and when i trigger seqense he sits and instantly goes up and walks to next script

use a scripted_sequence with the entry animation set to sit animation and active on spawn then set a trigger to activate the action, then use an output with a timed delay to make him move to the next scripted_squence


a little sample nothing brill but it’ll show you how you can change the ambient_generic for a script_sequence