Scripted Vehicle?

Hey guys,

I feel like I have never seen a scripted vehicle tutorial…ever. Anyone know if I’m not looking hard enough? Or anyone interested in whooping something up?

Any help would be awesome.


Pretty much every vehicle is an edit of the jeep.

Alright, and where is the jeep script?

Would it be under Lua?


Found it.

Vehicles work in a very simple way compared to entities to be honest.

They work by simply:- spawning a jeep, changing the model, changing the key value of ‘vehiclescript’.

And bam your done. For Details on doing this, Download a vehicle pack and take a poke at the files.

Okay so I got this APC car working. But when you get in. It doesn’t sit you down in the right place, it doesn’t seem to move. I think the model is flipped 90 degrees and…third person script errors.