ScriptEnforcer Error Help please

On my server i ave this message : [ - ScriptID 2276] Failed Authentication for [SAF]Thomas( 76561198116319746 ) Reason: SF Ban: Leaking

But i dont ave dont leak is a friend give me addons my every script
i want the name of the script
This id : ScriptID 2276

You got a leaked version of this script

The author seems to be greedy enough to add scriptenforcer to it

Just wondering - But what makes the developer greedy from protecting it from people stealing it?

Scriptenforcer lets developers allow users to pay to have their server unbanned. As well as that if you use 1 SE protected leak, all your legit scripts go with it, which IMO is too far.

It only disables any scripts that use SE.
They can also request from the dev of said scripts to be whitelisted from the ban, change IP or pay for a unban and a percentage of that goes to the dev of the leaked script.