Scriptenforcer Is Enabled Inconsistently

Over the last few months, scriptenforcer has been awfully inconsistent on my server. I have “sv_scriptenforcer 1” in my autoexec.cfg and server.cfg, yet it sometimes tells me it is disabled, and other times tells me it is enabled. It’s a TTT server, so I can manually change it and it updates after a map rotation, but how do I get it to always be enabled? Without manual intervention, it is seemingly random. Thanks in advance, and yes, I have searched the issue multiple times both here and on Google.

What is your server provider?

NFO Servers.

Remove the entry in server.cfg. Failing that, try running the command automatically through the gamemode.

I have had it both enabled and disabled in server.cfg; it makes no difference. It still will enable/disable itself whenever it feels like it–sometimes I will change it to “1”, and then next round it will reset itself to “0” anyway. There’s absolutely no rhyme or reason to it that I know of.

As for running the command automatically through the gamemode, I don’t know what you’re referring to. Is that not what autoexec.cfg is intended to do?

I had this issue a while back and reinstalling the server solved it.

Try doing this (WITH quotes): sv_scriptenforcer “1”

Just like that. Hopefully that will work for you.