Scriptenforcer is totally broken now?

I can lua_run_cl and lua_openscript_cl on scriptenforced server since last update.
Is that only my servers, or…

Try updating, works fine here, i think, oh you need to put in server.cfg sv_scriptenforcer 1 and change map.

lol, really broken…

] lua_openscript_cl
Script Enforcer is enabled. You cannot do this.

Works fine here.

sv_scriptenforcer 1

console of client:
] lua_run_cl print(“test”)

Fixed it just now - you must have sv_scriptenforcer 1 both in server.cfg and in server launch line(+sv_scriptenforcer 1), then it will work.

Works fine here.

лол,реально помогло.

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sv_scriptenforcer 1

Yeah, i wouldn’t really put it in autoexec.cfg since updating deletes that file, you could have just done exec server.cfg and change map and it would’ve worked. :wink:

make autoexec read only? Helps me always :slight_smile: