ScriptEnforcer MD5 Issues

I am running a server that only has a gamemode added and ULX installed into the base garrysmod folder. There are no addons in the addons folder besides the default ones.

What I’m wondering is that why are my clients who don’t have anything installed in GMod getting kicked and 30 minute banned from MD5 failure?

If anyone has any idea it could help because I need SE 2 to work.


[EDIT] Or can someone tell me how to stop banid so that garry’s shit can’t ban my clients?

why do you NEED se2?

Why do you think? Obviously to prevent clients from loading their own scripts.

se1 does the same thing and is arguably better at it.

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who am i kidding? se2 is broken and worthless.


se2 has been broken for ages.

also most people who are still capable of bypassing SE just inject code true the interface. That doesn’t check if SE is enabled. or changes the MD5

SE1 does absolutely nothing. I can run anything I want when it is set to 1. All I really want to do at this point is disable the banning. Can that be done?

Yes it does. every file run in CRC checked to see if its the same as the servers version. And all files that are not on the server can’t be run in the first place.

Also lua_run_cl and lua_openscript_cl are blocked.

Did you changed the level afther turning sv_scriptenforcer on?

PS. The inconsistency of the md5 is caused by the default addons.

Even when the server loads the first map with sv_scriptenforcer 1 enabled I can join and use lua_run_cl all I want with no blocks.

[Edit] I think I know what is wrong.

sigscan + nop = mission success

ur one kool kid

just use SE1

I can make one for you using cheatengine

EDIT: a scriptnenforcer 2 bypass that is.

SE can’t do shit against forced modules. :v:

See if your server works without SE on.

I thought Garry removed SE1, and replaced it with SE2.


Like you?


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