For some reason players that are or have previously used sethhack…even up to a year ago are getting kicked from my new server. They are able to connect to the old one and other servers just fine though. Both of my servers have scriptenforcer enabled. But only on my new one these players get kicked with this message in the console.

Most of you are probably wondering why this would be a problem…well a few of these people I know are not using sethhack. Also it leaves “unconnected” players in the server when they get kicked. How do I disable this without disabling scriptenforcer?

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Forgot to mention that I checked that…the cheaters.cfg is not there.

Unless its hiding somewhere other than the cfg folder.

If I remember correctly, Garry said the bans are hard-coded

Bans Are Hardcoded.

Update wasnt “important” so its not a forced update.

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