Scripter for [SeriousRP][Nice admins][NoobFriendly]GodWarsRP WIP server! NEEDED!

Hello, me and 2 of my friends have just started an DarkRP server. We need some help with some of our problems.

Problem 1. You can’t buy any doors.
Problem 2. You can’t change jobs.
Problem 3. Everyone can noclip (The gamemode stands as DarkRP and it has been changed).
Problem 4. We need an better scoreboard. Like you can press on the persons name and you can do the admin menu from that like (Kick, ban, slap, slay, giveweapon, Set team(setjob), and so on.
Problem 5. You can not buy anything.

So please help me! If you know how to script, add fred.ove on skype or add me on steam by the name fredolinsh

We will also be glad for some help with Java coders and HTML coders!!!

Please help us!

With great regarding
Fred Ove
-BOT- Leif Gunnar

(User was banned for this post ("Missed the hire thread" - Gran PC))