Scripter needed for a custom base wars gamemode. Will pay 50+...

Im looking for someone(preferable someone with past experience with proof),Who can script me a custom rp gamemode. Either it can be a modified version or darkrp or a completely custom one. I prefer it to be modification of darkrp.

I want it to be a basewars gamemode, Like “lmaollama” server is.

Things I want included onto the script:

  1. No f4 menu ,I want the menu to buy the item to be in the “Q” menu.
  2. Custom printers,weapons and other item.
  3. with in the “Q” menu I want to take out all the tabs besides the props tab. And keap all the tabs on the tools side.
  4. No jobs and no custom scoreboard.

Im am offering to pay 50$+,contact me you if you sound interested,And for more information. To make it easier I have a team speak ever to we can chat over it. IP: Steam account name:yaitsbilly0509

Did you REALLY miss the thread?

I can do this. Shouldn’t be to hard.