Scriptfodder alternatives?

Could someone please list all scriptfodder alternatives, there was one i saw a few weeks back but lost the name. This is a nice scriptfdder alternative I really like.

Coderflow and CoderHigher are the only alternatives I know of, and I doubt there will be more. Both of the alternatives are free of charge, but I barely see people buy from there if ever.

I would like to add the website me and a few friends are currently working on to the list of alternatives. (Still in development atm but due to be ready for launch by 23rd May 2015) -

why do you need to show ranks on script? to give your own scripts more credibility or will there be different developer ranks or will everyone be able to sell or?

Looking at his website i’d say its going to be a reputation system. but following the same style as CH and SF requiring developer subscriptions.

The only people i honestly see new script selling sites getting are the people who have been banned from scriptfodder.

I don’t think any more script selling sites are needed, it’s more a waste of the creators time if they are not using it for a learning experience.

Competition is always good but it needs to be done in the right way - aka not a direct clone of what we already have but something that offers more features and perhaps focuses more on different areas.

I’m pretty sure a monopoly is what is best for everyone.

I call the top-hat piece.