ScriptFodder Condones Using Leaks?

Please remove this thread.

Can you provide logs between you and Matt?

There were none… He never replied… Just a automatic ban.

I know he is on here a lot. Would love to hear his side.

Maybe you should explain why you’re trying to frame him? He even owns all of these addons -.-

Your other account even has a ban for using leaks here. How can you say we condone it? Regardless of your ban for framing him, you should be banned for using an alternative account.

why would u be using an alt account oh my… oh because ur other account is banned for using leaks oh my…

First off I never leaked anything from him. I had all my access to servers and such revoked when I left. How can one leak such scripts when my access was taken away?-_- … Secondly that’s another alt guys… I was with another community and the owner didn’t know shit about scriptfodder so I made the support ticket since I was developing for him and knew what I was doing… Completely forgot that making a ticket without owning the script would get you banned(Fail) Btw did you make sure he owns ALL of them? Where did the idea of “Framing him” come from? Look at his posts on leakforums. A lot of them are from several months ago and he’s still active on there. Are you saying I made an account with that name and did all that? If I did “Steal” all his scripts then please ask him to show you logs for that server and show if I did or did not do it

He owns all of them? So he owns “Massive leak! 300+ Coderhire Scripts premium!” Didn’t know LeakForums collaborated with scriptfodder…

Don’t side with him because he threw some cash at you. Still boils down to that he uses leaks and you damn well know it.

It’s pretty obvious that he decided to cut you off his community, and you got angry so you made an account on Leakforums with his name, leaking the addons you had taken before you left.
And this story about the alt… Not sure if you’re actually trying to sell us something or just trying to make fun of us

Check the account then lol… It’s been active for quite some time so that statement is bull****. I left his damn community for a lot of reasons. Just like both of his managers left.

Literally after I left for another community and his managers went elsewhere he went crazy. He’s upset over all of that. He can’t take people leaving. If anyone is framing anyone it would be him. He lied to a lot of the staff whom I were friends with to turn against me. He made up a lot of fucked up shit after I left and when I confronted him about it he bans me from teamspeak and such.

Also that account has no posts… He’s a leecher. Lol

He owns ~70 addons on ScriptFodder, and almost all the ones on that leakforums account’s post list are among those. Even if it’s his account, he still seems to buy them anyways. I don’t know what you’re trying to get at tbh.

Doesn’t matter if its 1 or 500. A leaks a leak.

Doesn’t matter if I killed 1 person or 500…Wait no that would make me a massive serial killer… Put me up against the firing squad now :dead:


Hi, I am the Community Manager of the community Mana (the owner) runs. I can assure all of you that this guy is a complete waste of space. He went completely rogue on our servers and leaked our RCon password and encourages people to mess with our servers. He continues to be a little baby and make “troll” accounts on our forums to “mess with us.” I put those in quotes because, well, we delete the petty messages when they post them.

I can also assure you guys that this person is very uneducated and as seen above, tried to get the owner banned for a false reason, and even was banned for the very same reason.

For you, Peter, I would like to say something to you. Get over it, get over our servers. You are literally doing nothing with DDoSing us and spamming our forums, because that literally does nothing to us. :goodjob:

E: I can also say that two managers didn’t leave. One left, one stayed, and we brought a new one in. And just to clarify, we do not “freak out” about people leaving because it is their life and it’s their choices. Also, this guy has leaked two of the higher up’s IPs and DDoS’d them. Reminder: That is a federal crime.

call the coppas kid, tell em he does the ddos’ and show me where he leaked them

This never started with any of that. Also I never “DDosed” nor leaked your guy’s ip. The other administrator on that group did. Yes I did all of that other shit but your saying I’m trying to get the owner banned for a false reason… m8 the proof of it is in there. How is that false? Mana knows exactly who has been DDosing him. Also took you guys this long to come up with all that? You’ve been looking at the thread for the past 10 hours LOL

So no I never DDosed or leaked your damn Ip’s. Should I even bring up what started this all mana? XD I was asked to remove one of them and I did. Until someone asks me to remove manas I will.

I like how this thread turned from you trying to blame that guy to you trying to defend yourself

Dear jesus “Blame”? Are people blind and can’t see simple screenshots? Clearly that’s his account. Clearly that account was made a long time ago. Clearly no one knows how to click a link. And yeah when someone says I was DDosing and leaking Ip’s of course I’m going to defend myself. Wouldn’t you do that yourself?

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Here I’ll make it simple for you guys. Just 2 things that prove my point. :smug:

I like how people say I’m trying to “Blame” and say I made the account to frame him. The account was made a year ago. Try again people.


Wait guys he owns ~70 Addons Including these 200 ScriptFodder leaks.


Should I even post anymore?

Better question: What makes you think anyone on here actually cares?

An even better question: Why do you think this comment should even be here? ScriptFodder has content creators who sell their work. I’m just showing that they give zero F**** about anyone except the cash flow.

And that’s why they care and spend their time to support their customers right?