ScriptFodder Dark Theme

Mods please move this if in the wrong section

I made this really nice dark theme since people were wanting it on the ScriptFodder thread somewhere.
There’s some stuff that might need tweaking so if anyone wants to say what they want changed then I’ll do it.
Currently, it’s only on Chrome, but I’ll add it to Firefox soon.
Note: This may not currently work 100% properly for admins’ and mods’ special pages


Download [Chrome Web Store] (Auto updates)
Source Code Download [Dropbox .ZIP]


Initial version.


  • Made buttons’ colour white on some pages
  • Pressing back and landing on the ajax/notifications page will send you back again automatically (stop using bad ajax pls matt)
  • Fixed some text boxes
  • Fixed modals
  • Fixed jobs .stats
  • Added icon

Fucking brilliant

your link is broken

It takes a few minutes after publishing for the link to come back. It works fine for me.

i get this

but quoting i see your link is good so maybe im wrong XD


Why does this have to be a chrome extension when stuff like Stylish and Stylebot exist and are supported for multiple browsers (Stylish is at least)

That’s why he included the .js and .css in the OP.

It works fine on Opera.

You can literally import it into them if you want, as said above.
The downside of these extensions is that they don’t work on some websites. ScriptFodder is a good example (I know this because I’ve spent the last hours literally studying the CSS) because there are elements such as the coloured lists that won’t display properly.

I’m doing you a favour that you don’t have to do everything yourself, while at the same time it even being updated for you. Do you like manual labour or something? lol

Lets start selling ScriptFodder themes… on ScriptFodder!..

So, so

Preview doesn’t work.

I can see the preview image with no issues.
What about this link

Wayyyyyy easier on the eyes when browsing at night. Thanks!

It’s because I fixed it.