ScriptFodder script moderators

I wanted to ask how long it “usually” takes for the SF moderators to agree/decline a script on the website, since I got mine up 8 hours without an response(19 views though), and the script I made with an friend was up like around 15-30 mins after he put it up?

can only the Administrators (eg matt) accept/decline the scripts? Since the about page says MODERATORS, and the staff page shows they are active and online.

we have our own thread

checking your script depends how complex and time consuming it’ll take us to check for silly backdoors and stuff, all moderators can accept/decline scripts, it shouldn’t take more then a day or two for one of the mods to fully review it.

wow thanks ninja matt

Alright, thanks.

Anyways can this thread be closed, since theres no option for me here, also I know theres a own thread, but since this one is still open, I wanted to say, 2 days and 13 hours passed, got 92 views and still no response.

Since I also want to test if the PayPal page works.

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Also Matt, mind telling me why I cant upload pictures in the media tab?