ScriptFodder - The Garry's Mod Marketplace

ScriptFodder - The Garry’s Mod Marketplace

ScriptFodder is tailored towards two types of people, if you’re a Garry’s Mod server owner, ScriptFodder can offer a variety of premium content for your server, or if you’re looking for something a little more tailored, you can create a job listing checked out by a big audience of content-creators. If you’re a content-creator you can start selling through ScriptFodder today, it’s free to simply submit a script for approval.

As of posting we currently have over 500 scripts for sale and an audience of over 17,000 registered users - we’re constantly growing.

Here’re some sneaky peeks of next version, coming soon:

Keep the posts on topic please. Once again, we do not care about your opinion on the monetization of Garry’s Mod.

Holy crap beta looks much nicer, also when submittting gamemodes would a repo link help at all to verify the code is all ours? etc]

And will the beta be a complete reset, or will old scripts remain uploaded

Oh man that beta page looks sexy as fuck

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Dumb advertising in job section:

Well damn. That looks nice.

Looks nice!

That looks real nice

Could somebody maybe read this

Edit: Thanks Matt you sexy thing

VCMod is on the front page. :3

Also, what is up with the second image’s VCMod Main banner?


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Was just testing image uploading with resizing stuff to fit.

You say over 500 scripts yet the screenshots say otherwise :open_mouth:

That just because it’s the beta site.

Will the huge update include the system that notifies a user when someone is talking to them in a comment section?

Also yay new thread and site!

I was rused.

Here have another french guy translating stuff in the job section:

I see something on the first photo (on the top right) which says “Its free to sell scripts!” Does this mean no more paying for developer subscriptions! :smiley:

Think it just means that you can sell as many things as you want. No per script payment needed. Like in “Google Play Store”, for example, where you have to pay for a new license for each new thing you sell.

Submit does not mean sell. But in the future I’m maybe going to toy with the idea of centralised payments that people seem to enjoy about ModMountain and take a small % instead to remove this entry payment barrier for people selling scripts.


Not quite sure I understand these ratings, you guys are applauding centralised payments in the ModMountain thread yet it’s a bad idea here… Eh?

Wait, no more trying to monetize Garrys Mod and milking the living shit out of it? YAY!!!

Edit: Got my hopes up, damn.

  1. Monitization isn’t bad as long as people don’t milk and abuse it.

But…they are milking it?

Perhaps have the option to choose between the two methods. Both have advantages and disadvantages.