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Do you know when about you want to release that update cause it looks SICKKKKKK

Either way, where is the problem for you? Is ScriptFodder run badly? Does it not ‘fulfill’ what you expect from them?

More staff would be nice. Mostly just moderating the jobs section.

That’s just like saying farmers are monetizing cows by (literally) milking them.

People can own their own cows and run their own farms just like they can learn Lua and code their own scripts.

Bottom line is: ScriptFodder makes it easy for those who don’t know how to code Lua to run small to medium-sized servers, or maybe just really small servers for friends.

Is this allowed?

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He also gets butthurt if you say “Custom derma” around him

I looked over the jobs section for about 5 pages, I couldn’t keep going because it was making my head hurt so much.
I hope the update will make it harder to submit dumb jobs which don’t belong on the site.

It’s always been like that though. Kids think that they only owe you $15 for at least 5-6 hours of work on a project and if you don’t do what they want then they immediately threaten to find someone else, which is utterly stupid. The coders have no real security.

It’d be pretty awesome but probably hard to organize, but I think if all or most of the mods got into a steam chat or teamspeak with each other, preferably with matt and/or jamie with us

And we all spent like an hour defining the rules a bit more

You guys don’t agree to a price beforehand?

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My security is that if they don’t pay me, I sell it to everyone.

Just because you agree to the price, doesnt mean that its what they will pay you in the end. Its not fair by any means but its just reality.

I get a price set up but I’m saying for the prices in general. You’ll see a job and they think that it’s adequate to offer because “it’s so easy”.

All it requires for the job section to be improved is for the !report button to work. With the new update I believe we will get a proper report system implemented where we can type back and forth with the reporter and the reported user.

On jobs it would be as simple as putting in a reason as to why the job is stupid, moderators will look at it, take it down or leave it up, close the report.

and the moderators to actually fucking pay attention to reports.

Your choice, man. You refunding him is better than him chargebacking. I say that if he doesn’t like your stuff, he has a right to not give you money. I refunded people before ARCLoad was introduced and no new leaks formed, and there have been 0 cases where there was a leak from a guy who wanted a refund from me.

We pay attention to all reports. 95% of the reports are all people who complain over problems with the addon, which are then clearly something on their own server, and not a general problem with the script.

If you really feel like you have a problem with a script, and it is actually the script, feel free to post it here and I will have a look.

Ok, next time I’ll report it here instead.

Ah yes, the report queue - known for it’s insightful and in-depth content

I just think it would be an all-around good idea if you hired more staff or found more staff somewhere for scriptfodder. There are way too many users who use the site for it to have like less than 10 moderators. I dont actually know how many you have, but there just needs to be more.

You’ll be surprised if I told you how many of this shit I get on Steam Workshop. The most common report reasons are: “qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqq”, “QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ”, “ЙЙЙЙЙЙЙЙЙЙЙЙЙЙЙЙЙЙЙЙЙЙЙЙЙЙЙ” and “jaeman7”