ScriptFodder - Version 2 is live!

ScriptFodder - The Garry’s Mod Marketplace

ScriptFodder is tailored towards two types of people, if you’re a Garry’s Mod server owner, ScriptFodder can offer a variety of premium content for your server, or if you’re looking for something a little more tailored, you can create a job listing checked out by a big audience of content-creators. If you’re a content-creator you can start selling through ScriptFodder today, it’s free to simply submit a script for approval.

As of posting we currently have over 500 scripts for sale and an audience of over 27,000 registered users - we’re constantly growing.

Here’re some sneaky peeks of next version, coming soon:
Keep the posts on topic please. Once again, we do not care about your opinion on the monetization of Garry’s Mod.

I have a question towards SFv2.
It is announced since months, but nothing has changed on the site.
I heared something like somebody needs to get SSH keys?
What’s the exact reason for not releasing SFv2?

I’m sorry if this has been answered before, but maybe something has changed on the situation.

In regards to my last post, not 24/7 but in all honesty there is probably isn’t enough mods to handle all the work especially coming into Christmas time it will get extra busy.
And regarding that StarwarsRP stuff, wasn’t there a proper Starwars gamemode ages back that wasn’t a DarkRP renamed.

I don’t see the jobs section causing any harm.

I’m just a slow lazy fat developer, I’ll bug Marcus into doing some work for me later today, hopefully he’s up for it.

Seems that the other thread closed by posts limit

For what other reason would I create this one lol?

That thread title is a bit misleading for a second I thought V2 had been released and I got a bit excited. Sadly it’s only the second thread and not an update.

He mentioned you/work to me over Steam a few days ago, so hopefully he should be :v:

needs more laravel

Shouldn’t it be V3? This is the third thread

I guess Niandra took care of that.

The design of the new script fodder version looks nice… Hopefully we see it soon. :goodjob:

Just lost 27 USD due to chargeback… I’m already feeling the xmas spirit.

Hopefully the influx of sales will make up for it.

The sales only really come after Christmas, mostly around January when the kiddos get their DarkRP spending money

What happened to the advertising section on the main page?

Statistics wise, is Christmas really the time with the most sales? I would expect some other events to reach Christmas in sheer sales volume.

By statistics, february and august are the best months - sometimes I even get 5 times more sales than usually.

Aside for the daily player count…

Is there an alternative statistic for projecting and predicting profits monthly?

Anyone here a statistics junkie?