Scriptfodder - What did you spend it on?

I remember this being on coderhire,

So what did you guys spend your hard-earned script fodder money on?

I got a new toy - Picture soon!,
COD:AW - Which is shit.
Also some motorbike gear!

Everything. I’m addicted.

It’s not like it’s different from any other money.

I’ve bought one friend HuniePop and Sakura Angels, I got another Dead Island recently.

Currently have three scripts on sale and one of them was made during a two hour lunch break solely because I was worried I wouldn’t be able to eat the upcoming weekend. So basically, my money either goes towards food or getting other people stuff

My intention was to get an achievement system done and put that money away towards a tattoo but completely forgot about that rofl

Some guy once paid me $100 for 60 lines of code in the summer sale, so that all went on games.

I use most of it on chinese buffet dinners. With myself. Sobs

I’m going to spend it on reupholstering my car.

I spent it on server bills. and csgo keys. lots and lots of csgo keys.

Nothing, I was falsely accused and banned but HANDSOME MATT and JAMIE are ignoring my messages.

Oh god, What did you ‘crime’ did you commit?

If I could figure out what to freaking make, I would be using it to form a community and host custom gamemodes and such.

I’ve found it very hard to have any original ideas that people will play.

Ended up working with someone to make a gamemode to host once i finish my exams, Will maybe have a post about it up in 2 months or so but i don’t want to go like 90% of posted gamemodes and just fade away.

Only had one vaguely unique idea, but that is still not feeling too unique for me, I guess i will host it in a few months time and find out though. 10 Weeks of nothing when i finish exams, then back to more school

Nothing really. Made $1100, i’m missing like $250. I guess I spent it on shit like restaurants, also got BF4 premium, Guild Wars 2 which I didn’t really get to play much - waste of money. And some minor stuff on ebay, casual Arduino shit, got a nice watch, and some neat gadgets. I still have like $820. Fuck, I waste money without even noticing.

My Purge addon sold really well and now DarkRP servers seem even more pointless and retarded.

I honestly kinda hate it now. I want to make something that will actually help the community.

This makes me sad. Very sad.