I was banned about 4 months ago. I believe this was my very first ban, and I was banned permanently? I honestly thought I’d at least get warned for it. It was for selling scripts that weren’t mine, I didn’t know that including a couple of already-made ULX codes in my addon would get me permanently banned? It sucks because I really like SF and always used it for good. I can’t leave feedback on SF due to my permanent ban without warning, hope someone sees this and helps me out in my situation. I’ve sent out about 3 emails over a 4 month span to and sadly, have received absolutely no reply from SF, which is very sad indeed.

My name is burger
My steam profile is
My steam-ID is STEAM_0:1:64802481

Just in-case someone needs contact.

Thank you for your time.

Did you try PMing Garry asking for the unban? :v:

Banned for: Trying to sell other peoples work. Why was he unbanned again? and will expire in never

looks like you were a repeat offender.

Weird thing is that I actually wasn’t banned ever before that :frowning:

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Yeah I tried adding Handsome Matt on Steam and left a comment on his profile, he didn’t get back to me.

Why should you get a second chance? Selling someone else’s work without their permission is a copyright violation in almost every country worldwide; I think the perma is perfectly just.

Really wish I could give an ‘agree’ rating here…
It’s not that hard to credit others if their code is in use by your work, or otherwise helped to originally form/inspire it.

I mean, that’s supposing he wasn’t selling a carbon-copy of someone else’s completed work… :hurr:

Agree, Pazda gave credit to me too, because I coded with him a “advanced” system + npc, which he will sell on SF, and I dont even want anything from him, he didnt even have to credit me.

Thinking about it a bit more though, he’s said he only used snippets of ulx code;

If they were core excerpts of code that he hasn’t otherwise reconstructed as part of his own addon’s core( in essence: carbon-copying versus using coding methods employed by ulx, that are proven to work and/or where no other method does the same job better ) - then selling the code for profit, when ulx is freeware, is pretty unethical - especially if he hasn’t provided adequate credits.

I’d be willing to bet that the staff at SF would be pretty discerning when it comes to that stuff though, if they’ve deemed that the addon is in breach of their service rules/legal obligations, then they probably had enough of a reason to do so.

maybe with “ULX codes” he ment stuff like codes from ULX Essentials? At the end, he should give credits to anything he used.

Well ULX Essentials is a completed and released compilation, so it’d be appropriate to credit the authors of ULX Essentials & the authors of ulx/ulib, if that’s the case.

But also again, selling code that was originally provided as freeware, puts a more damning spin on things. He may not have intended it maliciously though, if he did, he’s playing dumb really well( so to speak, not flaming here ).

It was a couple of lines of code. Not much at all, and it was used to finish a couple ULX commands I made. I didn’t think I’d have to refer to the original code writer, as it wasn’t much at all (maybe 5 lines). I don’t think it’s worth a perma…

I think what makes it more of an issue, is the profit gained from the freely-available code - but I for one haven’t seen your code and don’t fully know what SF’s policies would be in this situation.

Yeah, I think they should have at least warned me first or removed my script :l

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Warned… oh, please, like the rules section isn’t enough of a warning.

We can’t babysit you.

Dude just PM an admin. Not facepunch

Netheous drops mic on stage

The job thing? oh give me a break, that was awful. A guy gave me a broken script and i didnt want to pay him for it, and he was friends with SF admins and got me banned for it. It was such a scam.

Stop bullshitting.
Your release was in fact 5 lines of YOUR code and the rest was already made plugins.
You literally uploaded all the premade plugins with your name pasted in the addon.txt

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Anyone feeling like this is unjust, go check yourself:

Exploiting my code now? You’re mature.
Oh well :l

And how much was he trying to sell this copy-paste for?