Recently rejoined Garrys Mod after a few years break, in that time CoderHire has gone and seems ScriptFodder is its replacement.

Is this anywhere near as maintained as CoderHire was? I’m pretty sure CH was always good for support, removing scripts that were broken etc? or am I dreaming? it has been a few years.

I might just be extremely unlucky in the individual that I’m looking at…

Since returning I’ve attempted to contact one guy regarding a script I had on CoderHire that I wasn’t granted permission to on ScriptFodder, so naturally sent him a message asking if it’s possible to grant permission on SF. 7 days later still no reply…

So looked on his profile to see he’s been getting a lot of negative feedback such as the following:

This person needs to be banned from script fodder

Very bad script. I’ve had this script for a few months now, and it doesn’t work. I’ve followed every instruction in the description. I’ve made 2 tickets. One a few months ago and one a few weeks ago. And no response. I’ve even tried contacting him on Steam by commenting on his profile and adding him.

Well, I followed the instructions given in the description and the sounds would never play. Tried contacting the maker of this script to get some help in every way possible and was ignored for 4 days. It’s a shame because I really wanted this for my server.

No updates. Abandoned Script.

A lot of bugs exist in the game. I constantly have people spawning on the same team. Props can not use ladders. Developer does not care about script it seems. It could be a very fun game mode with a little more tlc from developer.

This script is broken it seems like it needs an update props move way to quick set the tick rate correctly but still props can fly out of the maps and abuse like no tommorow

Same with Isaac, no support from Pheonix which is unusual in the past he’s given great support. What a shame. Script doesn’t work.

zero support never got it working

I remember dealing with this exact individual in the past on CoderHire and it was pretty much same day response…

I remember with CoderHire one of the great things was when you bought a script you were pretty confident if there was an issue you’d be able to get support for it, and any time I did have issues with their script I always did get a pretty prompt reply. However it seems now with ScriptFodder that has gone?

So am I just extremely unlucky in the individual that I’ve looked at or is SF in general more like this now?

CoderHire was always useful for plugins so would like to utilize ScriptFodder for the server but I don’t want to go using it if it seems like the above is going to be the case for most/all scripts/devs.

we have a thread over here

most of our developers provide really good support, it’d help if I knew what scripts and users in particular you’re having trouble with


Sent you a message on SF as the intention in this thread wasn’t shit talking someone.

I have had nothing but amazing experiences with custom jobs, and wonderful scripts that are regularly updated on ScriptFodder :eng101: